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Get the edge over your competition by receiving a monthly list of sellers most likely to sell at a discount.

8020 REI Data Management For Real Estate Investors

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Great Data it's just the beginning

Our 3-step process makes your outbound marketing intentional, so you can dodge data management pains like low response rates, running out of data, and poor data quality. Be a data-driven deal-closing machine with us!


Save over 100k a year by only focusing on properties you really want to buy.
We will help you laser focus your data so you receive on a monthly basis the sellers most likely to sell at a discount.​

“They score every single parcel for us and so, there’s a lot more transparency and control over our own data and marketing.”

Joseph Back, 
Rapid Fire Home Buyers
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Send the right message to the right seller.

Know exaclty what to say based on each type of seller.

“It has helped us cut costs by only focusing on the sellers that we need to be targeting.” 

Brandyn Schwalm 
The Local House Buyers 


Have a clear strategy for your outbound MKT.

When and how to engage with each type of seller.

“They have been a great tool for us to rely on for our data analytics, texting, mailing, and cold calling.”

Dustin Monger
The Noble Home

With over 1.5 Billion Calls And Texts Sent, You Get a Marketing Plan Backed By Results

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Why The Top Real Estate Investors Trust Us

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Our best lead channel is 8020REI, it has provided more deals than any other source in 2022. One month, we even cleared 7-figure revenue! Highly recommend it! We will continue using them for 2023🚀

Phil Green
8020 REI review Brian
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Brian Snider review 8020 REI

I appreciate them because they are super transparent, super honest, and super helpful. His team resolves something pretty quickly and they give you marketing insights too.

Brian Snider review 8020 REI
Brian Snider
Simple wholesaling
8020 REI review Obi
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Obi Dorsey review 8020 REI

Over the last 2 years they have helped me get some of my very best deals. I have been in this for almost 10 years and they got the most complete understanding of data analytics in the space.

Obi Dorsey review 8020 REI
Obi Dorsey
Freedom Home Buyers

Get more deals by being intentional with your data and marketing

The ultimate REI data and marketing pipeline

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