Better Data = More Deals

Get the edge over your competition by receiving a monthly list of sellers most likely to sell at a discount.

8020 REI Data Management For Real Estate Investors

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How it works

Our 3 step process helps you get more deals by being intentional about your data and outbound marketing. Avoid the pains of data management such as: low response rate, poor quality data, data living in a black box, running out of data, or spray and pray marketing.

1. Reverse Engineer Deals

Send us your closed deals, use our report to build your custom buy box.

2. Intentional Marketing

You tell us your outbound goals, we build an intentional marketing plan.

3. Highly Curated Lists

Niche data done for you. Completely hands-off and ready to execute!

Data Analytics + Intentional Marketing Cadence for Professional Investors

Real Estate Data Management For Real Estate Investors
data management service for real estate investors
With data management for real estate investors by 8020 REI

Locate hidden property gems​

Did you know, that within your data, there’s a special group of properties that data vendors skip over?

This is because these leads have incorrect or missing data and they slip through a normal sorting process.

We call these properties hidden gems.

We have a way to internally comb through your data to find these gems, so you are targeting properties with virtually no competition!

Imagine being the only investor these people are talking to.

hidden gems for data management for real estate investors
buy box for data management for real estate investors

Identify your buy box

Once you get started with 8020REI, we work with you to build a buy box by reverse-engineering the 20% of properties that delivered 80% of your revenue.

We take your expert knowledge of the market to identify the properties that you want to buy in the best areas.

Once we complete your unique buy box, we rank every single property in your market with a desirability score, letting you know exactly what properties fit your buying criteria.

Strategically prioritized by motivation

After we have built your buy box and located your hidden gems, we rank every property in your market with a score on the likelihood that they will sell at a discount.

This gives you strategically organized data so you are getting your message in front of the most motivated people at the right time. 

Our data management system is designed to save you time, money, and deliver exceptional results.

motivation for data management for real estate investors
monthly lists for data management for real estate investors

Exclusive data delivered to you monthly

We use our algorithm to segment the lists into three tiers and strategically coordinate all the marketing cadences (AKA action plans).

Every month you receive a significantly different list for each one of your marketing channels.

This allows you to increase your reach and reduce monthly overlaps, all without increasing your budget.

Premium Data + Consistent Marketing Cadences = Maximum ROI

Why top real estate investors trust us​

The ultimate REI data and marketing pipeline

Use our data with all of your favorite marketing websites

We have been servicing several of the most successful real estate investors for the past 4 years and what our clients value the most is the fact our data management service can provide monthly highly targeted lists for each of their outbound marketing channels with minimal overlap, so they can be intentional in reaching to the right seller, with the right message at the right time and increase their ROI.

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