One-time onboarding fee: $8,000

Monthly Subscription starts at: $1,500 per market
  • Monthly pricing is based on the size of the county (number of property/parcel records) and the number of counties you purchase.
  • Counties belonging to the same Metro Area (MSA), will be billed as one market.
  • Limited exclusivity! This means that only a few spots are available per county. Once full, you're on the waitlist until the next opening.
  • 12-month commitment, then month-to-month.

All of our plans include:


Below you’ll find the answers to all of our most frequently asked questions. Please contact us for any additional questions.​

What our clients value most about our service is that it allows you to save time and save your marketing dollars on properties that are out of your buying criteria. You can maintain or decrease your marketing budget, our goal is to help you maximize your ROI on all marketing channels. Our open system allows you to plug and play. We can utilize the lists you have to better dial in on the properties that fit your custom buy box. Every month you will receive a highly curated list that has been organized and formatted to meet your specific marketing needs. We invest a great deal of resources to make sure the data is properly formatted on our end. No data will be 100% perfect, but we do our very best to make it the best possible.

With us, you will have access to EVERY single parcel in your markets. They will be prioritized based on desirability and likelihood of selling at a discount. You will receive every month a significantly different list for each one of your marketing channels with a specific blueprint on how often you should call, text or mail to maximize your ROI. No other vendor can do that for you!

We have implemented a strict limit on the number of available slots for each county/market. This limit is determined by the size of the market to ensure that there is a balanced distribution of 8020REI users across all markets. By doing so, we can prevent overcrowding in any particular market and provide all our users with equal opportunities to succeed.

This is Data and Marketing coordination done for you. We can get you all the way to the point of only receiving 3 different lists every month with a specific blueprint on how to utilize the data on each marketing channel (SMS, Cold Call, Mail) so all you need is to forward to your marketing vendors or internal team and ask them to follow the instructions we provide! We don’t do it for you but we set you up for success by having our highly curated lists and specific marketing instructions delivered to you on a monthly basis.

Short answer is no, with 8020REI you will have the most robust and advanced data and marketing coordination solution. We have clients that use multiple data services and 8020REI merges everything together to help you organize and curate your data even further. Most of our clients came to us looking to minimize and simplify their data solutions and now only utilize ours because of what we have been able to do for their business.

We offer skip-tracing services if you would like to get the list with phone numbers readily available on each of the properties but if you have your own skip-tracing company preference, you can definitely send the list to them.

We use 20 unique distress points and point them at your county and we constantly monitor them. They have certain weights and metrics in our system and put them in certain sections of our lists.

Get more deals by being intentional with your data and marketing