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With us you will own every single parcel in your markets. Plus the way we have designed our entire system is so that you will never run out of data based on your exact marketing needs.

This is DATA and Marketing coordination done for you. We can get you all the way to the point of only receiving 3 different lists every month with a specific blue print on how to utilize the data on each marketing channel (SMS, Cold Call, Mail) so all you need is to forward to your marketing vendors or internal team and ask them to follow the instructions we provide! We don’t do it for you but we set you up for success by having our highly curated lists and specific marketing instructions delivered to you on a monthly basis.

Our data is specifically designed to improve not only how many responses you receive but also the types of responses themselves. Our track record is putting out customers in front of the right seller at the right time with the right message.

What our clients value most about our service is that it allows you to save time and eliminate waste of spending your marketing dollars on properties that are out of your buying criteria. You can maintain or decrease your marketing budget, our goal is to help you maximize your ROI on all marketing channels.

For us, fit is most important and we care about your success. Our service is designed for an established professional real estate investing company. Most of our clients have a dedicated sales team. We are the gasoline you pour on your already existing fire.

Our open system allows you to plug and play. We can utilize the lists you have to better dial in on the properties that fit your custom buy box.

Our open system does not have limits on the vendors you choose to execute your marketing.

With us, you will have access EVERY single parcel in your markets. They will be prioritized based on desirability and likely hood of selling at a discount. We have over 3.5 years of experience where we sent over 20M messages per month for our clients. This experience and live feedback loop allowed us to learn exactly when and how to reach each type of seller. With us you have full control and transparency. You can be as hands on or hands off as you want! You will receive every month a significantly different list for each one of your marketing channels with a specific blueprint on how often you should call, text or mail to maximize your ROI. No other vendor can do that for you!

Short answer is no, with 8020REI you will have the most robust and advanced data and marketing coordination solution. Having said that, we are not in the business of breaking relationships, our open system is designed to play well with others. We have clients that use multiple data services and 8020REI merges everything together to help you organize and curate your data even further. Most of our clients came to us looking to minimize and simplify their data solutions and now only utilize ours because of what we have been able to do for their business.

All data is welcome here, with us you will have the strongeest data foundation and everything will be fit into its proper place.

No, 8020REI is a advance data analytics company that provides highly curated data to help you prioritize your marketing needs. We have some stacking components, you can use other data sources and complement everything we do. If you bring your data to layer on top of what we will be providing you, it will be like stacking on steroids.

YES! Every list, every month will have instructions for all your lists on how to properly execute your marketing efforts with them. We call this our one pager to help you remove the guess work of when, where and how frequently you should be reaching to each potential seller.

We offer an optional add-on service to process skip tracing for you. If you have a skiptrace source you prefer you can take the data and skiptrace anywhere you choose.

Yes, we have local level niche lists. If you want more specific and freser lists our dedicated research agent add-on services allows you to pull any niche lists we might be missing.

Every month you will receive a highly curated list that has been organized and formatted to meet your specific marketing needs. We invest a great deal of resources to make sure the data is properly formatted on our end. No data will be 100% perfect, but we do our very best to make it the best possible.

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