AI-Driven Predictive Analytics:

Get access to machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to determine who’s more likely to sell at a discount. We leverage hundreds of data points to do that and this is a part of our process.

  • Access our machine learning algorithms and AI-powered technology to identify customers more likely to sell at a discount. Leverage hundreds of data points for optimal pricing and maximize revenue.
Monthly Data Update:

We’re removing all the recently sold properties and we are refreshing data every single month and giving our clients every single month the best list possible that’s more likely to sell at a discount.

  • Get ahead of the competition with our monthly refreshed list of properties. We remove recently sold properties for accurate and up-to-date information to help you make optimal business decisions.


Reverse Buy Box:

We reverse engineer the deals of our clients. The deals are happening in their market to make recommendations so they can laser focus their buy box so they don’t waste any marketing dollars because there’s a significant cost of not targeting the right properties. We look at all the deals happening in the market including the client’s deals and we combine all of that to give them recommendations to really focus on a buy box.

  • You can identify your ideal “buy box” and make informed decisions about your marketing strategy. We use reverse engineering to provide you with laser-focused recommendations based on all the deals happening in your market, including your own. With comprehensive


Hidden Gems:

We helped them view properties that have virtually no competition. Very few people get a hold of them. We helped them get a hold of it and increased their chances of closing deals.

  • You’ll have access to exclusive properties with virtually no competition, giving you an advantage in closing deals. Our platform connects you with opportunities that very few people can access, increasing your chances of success.


Own Your Entire Market:

We give them every single parcel on the market and this allows them to build sub lists. 

  • Access every single parcel on your market with our platform. Build sub-lists and tailor your marketing strategy to your specific needs.