About us

We are a team of experienced investors and data experts who believe in working smarter, not harder. We live and die by the 80/20 principle, which means that 80% of results come from 20% of the effort.

Our team has been actively investing and working with top investors since 2017. This has given us the opportunity to analyze over 1.5 billion messages and calls and gain valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t.

More than just data, we empower investors with advanced machine learning and predictive analytics to find discounted properties and optimize outbound strategies.

Our commitment is to help each client have a minimum of 5X ROI on each channel and save significant amounts of time and money by marketing to the right seller, with the right message, at the right time!

Trusted by the top real estate investors:

Trusted by
the top real estate investors:

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Impact Moments

At 8020REI, we are committed to making a profound impact that extends far beyond our business operations. Our “Impact Moments” initiative allows us to give back a portion of our profits by building homes for families in need in developing countries such as Mexico and Colombia, creating a meaningful difference in their lives and the world.

We strongly believe that firsthand experience is the key to making a real impact, which is why we actively involve our families and community members in this transformative journey. Together, we strive to build not just houses but hope, stability, and a brighter future for those facing homelessness.

Our principles

Our core values are non-negotiable for both, our team members and our clients.

Lead with innovation

We optimize everything, consistently pushing for innovation—if there’s an opportunity to improve, that’s how we roll.

We've got your Back

We lighten the load, do more with less, and inspire long-term partnerships with an unbeatable “wow” factor.

Our word is our bond

We honor our promises, hold ourselves accountable, and do the right thing even when nobody’s looking.

We are limitless

On an individual level, we are intrinsically motivated, take ownership of our performance, and never stop striving for growth.

Bring your a-game

We prioritize self-care and putting family first, which ensures we can consistently show up as All-stars for our team and clients.